In the summer of 2017, my brother and I decided to visit a beach in Thessaly, one of the beaches where we used to spend our camping holidays with our family.

So there we were, fifteen years later.

That beach, with a great view of the Aegean Sea, with deep and cold waters, surrounded by huge stunning rocks, deserted and remote, where the only sounds you can hear are those of nature and sea, brought back so many carefree memories of our childhood.

Since we had been very curious at young age, we were trying to explore the surroundings.

Arriving there, my first thought was to continue exploring just from the spot I had stopped then.

So, after wandering around for some time, I found myself in front of a beach full of rocks and driftwood.

I was so excited about the scenery and I had a really strong desire to take a “booty” (as a prize for my finding), so I collected as many pieces as Ι could.

I lost my sense of time as I was in that enchanted landscape until the sun started going down.

It was too late and unfortunately I was not able to take all my “booties” with me. I managed though to get this unique piece.

Unique & Rare
Location: Aegean Sea (Greece – Thessalia))

  • DIMENSIONS: – Μ 18cm / Π 14cm / Υ 106cm
  • WEIGHT: -.
  • TYPE OF WOOD: – Driftwood