Dec 11: My grandfather, “Mparmpathomas”, as people called him, my most beloved person, was gentle, humorous, polite and good-tempered to everyone but mostly to his grandchildren.

He was a farmer who was occupied with tobacco plants and cultivated olive trees and vineyards.

My memories of him driving his cart to return home, half asleep, are so vivid.

He was one of the 1940s warriors, he left from Nigrita, Serres on foot and reached up to Sanande and Korce.

I remember him narrating to us, his grandchildren, all those war stories and how lucky he was to survive.

My best memory of him though, has to do with his unique ability to make handcrafted slingshots.

In his manor, he was trying to find a proper piece of Y wood, then he put on rubbers and some leather, so there it was, my slingshot.

This piece of wood took me back to those memories.

Of course it could be nothing else but a slingshot.

Location: Aegean Sea (Greece – Chalkidiki)

  • DIMENSIONS: – Μ 4cm / Π 79cm / Υ 20cm
  • WEIGHT: -.